FREE Online Webinar Sponsored by the Georgia Genealogical Society

FREE Online Webinar Sponsored by the Georgia Genealogical Society
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
8:00 pm to 9:15 pm EST
Forget Me Not: Preserving Legacies with EPOCH by Donna Bachowski, MLS
Created by the Orange County Library System with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, EPOCH (Electronically Preserving Obituaries as Cultural Heritage) is a website that allows anyone to create and publish a free obituary online. With the decline in newspaper obituaries, EPOCH was developed as a digital repository of user-contributed obituary information that will be held for future generations of researchers and genealogists. Family and friends of the deceased can submit detailed obituaries as a tribute to their loved ones and share a meaningful memory with the residents of the community. This presentation will describe the history of EPOCH, demonstrate how to create a tribute, and share ideas on how it can be used with both historical and contemporary obituaries.
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Indiana Genealogical Society 2017 Conference – Keynote Speaker Tony Burroughs

This will be a quick post. I didn’t want to let a day go by without sharing.

I co-chaired an amazing conference yesterday.  The Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS) 2017 with Keynote Speaker Tony Burroughs. This is an annual event that is held at various locations around the state.

Great attendance, amazing conversations with genealogists and invaluable insights from Nationally known speaker and author of “Black Roots” Tony Burroughs.  (Look for him on tonight’s episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” TLC 10pm E/9pm CST Smokey Robinson.

Action –  (So much info. I’ll be processing my notes for the next month.)

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Black Newspaper Resources

A few weeks ago I attended a wonderful Genealogy Seminar in Atlanta. There was a lot of great information. The one tidbit I’m going to discuss today is a great resource on  Black Newspapers . This site is maintained by  Matthew F. Delmont.

Black Newspapers are a wonderful glimpse into the culture and community of a particular locale. It’s important to search (keyword) these treasures as well as scan them page by page. It helps the researcher to understand what was going on at any given time.

Hoosier Chronicles is a great digitization project. A lot of awesome newspapers were digitized from all of over the state of Indiana. Below is a snippet of the newspapers from Marion County (Indianapolis). It’s worth look if you have family that lived in Indiana. The highlighted papers are the black newspapers.


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Back Up Your Files

Happy New Year! This is a great post for the new year.

It is VITAL for EVERYONE to BACK UP their computer files. I’ve discussed this several times on my blog. Previously I shared other people’s posts or just send a quick reminder.


Last week a good family friend sent out a plea for help on social media. “I’ve lost my hard drive. They can’t find it!” She then went on to say that she had years of genealogical research on her computer.  She unfortunately had never backed up her data. Several people gave some high cost options that she could pursue to recover her data.

Don’t let this happen to you. It’s not a matter of IF your hard drive will fail or become inaccessible.  It’s a matter of WHEN!  Back up your data. You can use an external drive , the cloud, the internet or your email provider. There are a lot of options. Do some research. Be consistent.Back up your files on a monthly basis.  Redundancy in this instance is a great thing. Back up your files in more than  one way. If one fails you still have your files.



People are taking more pictures than ever before. Back up the pictures on your cellphone. Dropbox is a great option. It’s automatic, free and can be accessed anywhere via the internet. Many cell phone providers offer Cloud backup. Take advantage of 1 or all of them. I would also encourage you to print out some of the best shots and share them with family and friends. Social Media is great! However, will Facebook be a distant memory 10 years from now?  How can we go back and capture those wonderful moments? Back up your pictures and share them physically.

I routinely create, posters, calendars, greeting cards etc. I share these with family and friends and they really appreciate it. It’s so inexpensive to reprint digital photos. There’s a provider on every corner. Even the local drug stores have great photo reprinting.

Even if you don’t back up your entire computer, back up your genealogy or other important files! You will Thank Me! Recreating your research is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Also don’t forget your tablet or other small device.

Take a moment, back up your files. Share this information with your friends and family. It’s likely a topic that they have never thought about and more importantly haven’t acted on.

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Do your part for history. Help preserve your local cemetery.

This sounds like a great event!

The Global Cemetery Meetups are happening October 7-9

Attend this special event or plan one of your own. Visit a cemetery in need to take photographs and videos of headstones, explore the grounds, and share stories and discoveries with others who want to make a difference. With your thoughtful contributions, history will never be forgotten.

9 Top FREE Genealogical Websites – Day 9

  1. Find a Grave

R   S   FREE

Dig up ancestral burial information from millions of tombstone images here. Search by an individual or cemetery name. Users are encouraged to upload additional tombstone photos and submit biographical information for memorial pages. You can even create virtual cemeteries to connect loved ones buried in different places.  I was able to find my paternal grandmother using this site. I also found the headstone of a civil war soldier. We were blessed that the Company and Regiment were marked on the grave.

Code services offered: H 
=how-tos, R =records; S =share your data and T =tools.

This is the last  day of the review of my top 9 genealogical websites.e Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading all the posts.   Please continue to share what you are learning from the reviews of the websites. Or maybe you have a website that you think SHOULD have made the list. Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Hunting!

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