Finding the Past

For genealogists’ family gatherings are a great time to take pictures, record video and ask questions of our family members about what the holidays were like for them growing up. We can never interview our relatives enough. Ask open ended questions, listen, video and take notes. Ask them to recall what the holidays, felt, looked, smelled and sounded like. What do they miss from that time? What traditions have they kept?

AAHGS 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition

AAHGS 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition October 14, 2020 — October 17, 2020 Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Drive Hampton, VA 23666 Virginia, Where African American Roots Run Deep:   Correcting the National Narrative The AAHGS Annual Conference is the largest  international African American conference that promotes  African-ancestored family history, genealogy, and cultural diversity by  bringing together... Continue Reading →

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