I Speak Their Name

Earlier this fall I moderated a program and I introduced myself by speaking 5 generations of my direct maternal line. Sylvia Marie Anna Mae Anna Neal Gillie Manda O. It's important to speak their names. Because of them, we are. ❤ To all the ancestors! Enjoy the Journey! From Anna Mae's Oldest Grandbaby ~

Female Ancestors 1/2 of the puzzle

#WomensHistoryMonth #Suffrage

The Ties That Bind

ImageAnyone who has done even a tiny bit of research in the distant past, knows how difficult it can be to learn about female ancestors. There is a frequent tendency for women to be identified as Mrs. James Curtis in public documents. This makes it very hard to find women’s first names and often impossible to find birth surnames (maiden).

I have been blessed, in that I know most of the first names and birth surnames of my female ancestors. If you are only researching male ancestors you are missing 1/2 of the puzzle.

Today I’m going to shine a light on Mary Martin Hayes Williams, one of my direct female ancestors. She was born February 1884 in Kentucky and died November 1964 at the age of 80.  She married Hubert Hayes and the couple  had 5 children. Four girls and 1 boy.  According to one of her grandson’s she…

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AAHGS 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition

AAHGS 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition October 14, 2020 — October 17, 2020 Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Drive Hampton, VA 23666 Virginia, Where African American Roots Run Deep:   Correcting the National Narrative The AAHGS Annual Conference is the largest  international African American conference that promotes  African-ancestored family history, genealogy, and cultural diversity by  bringing together... Continue Reading →

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