Juneteenth 2021

Today is Juneteenth and I can't imagine what my ancestors would think of all of their descendants and the many things they have accomplished. This year President Joe Biden signed a law making Juneteenth a national holiday. For some people this is performative. For me this is a small step in helping the country to acknowledge the history and emancipation of Black people in this country.

Happy New Year!

The year that shall not be named, was really one for the books! LOL! In all seriousness the past year was one I will not soon forget. There were some highs and lows. I learned a lot of things that I will use moving forward. I did take time to do some micro-journaling and make... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas to All !

On this Christmas Eve of 2020. I have so much to be THANKFUL for. Health, Family and Faith! I pray that everyone who reads this finds Peace & Health in the coming year. Take this time to talk to your family members. Write down and record stories. Take pictures (identify individuals and the location) print... Continue Reading →

I Speak Their Name

Earlier this fall I moderated a program and I introduced myself by speaking 5 generations of my direct maternal line. Sylvia Marie Anna Mae Anna Neal Gillie Manda O. It's important to speak their names. Because of them, we are. ❤ To all the ancestors! Enjoy the Journey! From Anna Mae's Oldest Grandbaby ~

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