Finding the Past

December is a time of year where many people gathering with family members and reflect on the past 12 months.
For genealogists’ family gatherings are a great time to take pictures, record video and ask questions of our family members about what the holidays were like for them growing up. We can never interview our relatives enough. Ask open ended questions, listen, video and take notes. Ask them to recall what the holidays, felt, looked, smelled and sounded like. What do they miss from that time? What traditions have they kept?

My family for the last several years has had a “Louisiana Christmas”. Normally Gumbo (seafood & chicken), sometimes Tur-duck-en, Jambalaya, etc. That tradition continues this year. As I was making my roux last night, I couldn’t help but wonder about my ancestors Rebecca & James Curtis. In 1882 they purchased land in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. How did they find the money? What were the struggles? Because of them, I am. I stand on their shoulders (and those of my other ancestors).

If you know your history share it. If you don’t know your history discovery. Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

Enjoy this time with family and friends. Remember history is being made every day. Preserve it and share!

Nichelle ~
Anna Mae’s Oldest Grandbaby

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