Juneteenth 2021

Rebecca and James Curtis born in the early 1800’s. According to family lore and Census Records they were enslaved persons. They eventually had five children, Levi, Sydney, Katherine, Willie & James II.

I am a direct descendant of James Curtis II and Louisa Brown Curtis.

Today is Juneteenth and I can’t imagine what my ancestors would think of all of their descendants and the many things they have accomplished. This year President Joe Biden signed a law making Juneteenth a national holiday. For some people this is performative. For me this is a small step in helping the country to acknowledge the history and emancipation of Black people in this country. There are many additional struggles to overcome. To name a few the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill, the George Floyd Policing , H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act as well as the dismantling of white supremacy.

No matter how much work remains, I used today for Reflection & Celebration of our Ancestors who made it to Freedom and the ones who did not. I took time to fellowship with family and friends and enjoy being together.

Tomorrow is a new day and I pay that I have the strength to continue the fight. I want to make my ancestors and descendants proud of my actions to help the United States live up to it’s creed, “With liberty and Justice For all”.

Anna Mae’s Oldest Grandbaby,


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  1. Nichelle, your ancestors would be so proud of you and the work that you have accomplished! What more will you achieve in the days and years ahead!

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