Happy New Year!

The year that shall not be named, was really one for the books! LOL!

In all seriousness the past year was one I will not soon forget. There were some highs and lows. I learned a lot of things that I will use moving forward.

I did take time to do some micro-journaling and make note of significant events.

I haven’t made any intentions for 2021 but I will. My prayer for the coming year is Joy, Peace, Abundance & Health, for myself and the rest of the World.

One of my dear cousins made her final transition on December 30, 2020. She is now an ancestor. It’s been a hard one to process. We were close in age. She had a vibrant spirit and zest for life. She will be dearly missed. I’m not mentioning her by name at this time because our family is still processing her loss.

I will say that I am always #Family1st. That motto has tested me this year more than any other. In the immortal words of famous philosopher Frankie Beverly, “Joy & Pain like sunshine and rain” . . .

To all my family lines, in the words of Bob Marley “One Love, One Heart”. Hayes Williams Curtis Cleveland Rhodes Branham Bell Davis


Anna Mae’s Oldest Grandbaby

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