Just dawned on me . . .

As I was writing yesterdays’ blog post about my Grandma Sissy, I realized that I don’t have a lot of the documents connected to her in an electronic format.

That is my next big task. Scan as many documents as possible, connected to my parents and grandparents. After that I’ll work my way thru the rest of the family lines.

I have a lot of information in my head, however I prefer double checking my sources before writing about one of my family members. I can’t always get to my files. I thought I had a lot of information in my electronic database. After looking at my electronic files for Grandma Sissy, I realize that I haven’t been fully utilizing my database and my electronic capabilities.

You can never be too organized or have too many back ups for your family data.

Nichelle ~
Anna Mae’s Oldest Grandbaby

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