Separating Fact from Fiction

Separating Fact from Fiction

It’s important not to have knee-jerk reactions to images on the internet. Google recently posted a Google Doodle Tribute to Harriet Tubman. As a student of history I immediately recognized the picture and was excited about clicking on the link and learning more information. On Twitter a well known entertainer blasted the Doodle as racist and inaccurate. I could not understand for the life of me what was wrong with the picture. The entertainer did suggest that they might have been overly sensitive. I would answer yes. The problem we have here is that many people haven’t studied history and aren’t making informed statements. Clicking like and send is frequently done without forethought to the veracity of the post or tweet. The photo montage is courtesy of Black Press Radio. The top picture is the Google Doodle the bottom picture is an actual picture of Harriet Tubman.

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  1. Very well stated. I too have been guilty of posting before trully thinking about what I am posting. I believe that it is important to not only think before you speak, but think before you tweet or blog now a days.


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